Bye bye Heliosy, hello Heliosy 2

Heliosy 2 has been submitted to the App Store as a new version of Heliosy application.

Like its previous version, Heliosy 2 is about Sun. More precisely, it is about sun path.

Heliosy 2 application tracks sun position for today or any other given day, at your current location or at any custom location.

Heliosy 2 application has many uses. Here are examples of them:

  • As a photographer, I use Heliosy 2 application to prepare a shooting. I can go at a location and see when the sun will be at the place I want it to be.
  • As a rental agent, I can check how long during the day this room will get sun thru its window
  • As an outdoor swimming pool builder, I can check best pool location away of building sunshade.

Heliosy 2 provides you with many display of sun path:

  • Path: show sun path on camera view
  • Map: show sun path on map
  • Graph: show graph of sun path
  • Twilight: show twilight time
  • Magic: show magic hours like golden or blue hours