Our new version of Heliosy application has been approved. You can now download it from iTunes on your Mac/PC or from the App Store on your device.

Just search for "Heliosy".

Enjoy !




All our customers who purchased Heliosy can get Heliosy 2 for free.

Only requirement is that your device must run iOS 10. Devices running older version of iOS will continue to use older version of Heliosy.

As Heliosy 2 require iOS 10, make sure your device is upgraded to iOS 10 before trying to download latest version of Heliosy application.
Once your device is running iOS 10, you just have to run 'App Store' application and download Heliosy 2.



Bye bye Heliosy, hello Heliosy 2

Heliosy 2 has been submitted to the App Store as a new version of Heliosy application.

Like its previous version, Heliosy 2 is about Sun. More precisely, it is about sun path.

Heliosy 2 application tracks sun position for today or any other given day, at your current location or at any custom location.

Heliosy 2 application has many uses. Here are examples of them:

  • As a photographer, I use Heliosy 2 application to prepare a shooting. I can go at a location and see when the sun will be at the place I want it to be.
  • As a rental agent, I can check how long during the day this room will get sun thru its window
  • As an outdoor swimming pool builder, I can check best pool location away of building sunshade.

Heliosy 2 provides you with many display of sun path:

  • Path: show sun path on camera view
  • Map: show sun path on map
  • Graph: show graph of sun path
  • Twilight: show twilight time
  • Magic: show magic hours like golden or blue hours